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May 1 – 31, 2015

Two months in a row of new template releases!  And it seems to be paying off.  While our sales were slightly down last month this month, we had our highest sales month yet at $453!  We didn’t actually build a completely new template but instead combined two of our templates into a Sales Page Bundle.  We combined our Conversion King template and our Long Sales Page with Image Slider and Image Header templates into one big 2 for 1 Sales Page Bundle.

Our hope was that we could push up our price point slightly to $10 for the bundle without eating into the individual template sales.  It looks like it’s working because we sold 17 of the 2 for 1 Sales Page Bundles.  This also gave us our highest monthly earnings for an individual template at $170 vs. our previous high of $147 for the Webinar Opt-in with Photo Background.

While the higher price point of $10 is only $3 more than the price of all of our other templates it really made a big difference in our revenue.  It’s making me think that I should consider spending more time on building each template and charging a higher price.  I’m also really loving the bundling.  It’s extra value for the customer and extra dollars to our bottom line.  I may have to plan ahead on future builds to make sure that I build a couple complementary templates so I can bundle them up.  I may even go back and bundle our Photo Background and Video Background templates, as well as our Webinar Opt-in templates.

This month also marks our highest one day sales revenue!  We finally broke the $42 mark on two days with one clocking in at $44 and another clocking in at $47.  It’s definitely because of the launch of the higher priced 2 for 1 Sales Bundle template.  That’s all she wrote for now.  In June we’ve got a couple client projects to wrap up and then I’m going to start building LeadPage templates full-time to see what happens.  I’m hoping to release a really high quality LeadPage landing page every week until we can reach our monthly income goals…

Stripe Dashboard

Below is a screenshot from the Stripe dashboard for the dates of May 1 – May 31, 2015 that shows the sales for our biggest month yet!

Top Sales Day – $47

Finally!  We shattered the $42 ceiling for our top sales day for the month!  We actually did it two days this month with one coming in at $44 and another at an all time high of $47!  I’d really love to hit $100 one of these days so that’s the next major bench mark we’re striving for.

2 for 1 Sales Template Bundle

Monster month for our newest template!  It beat out our previous monthly high of $147 held by the Webinar Opt-in with Photo Background template.

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Long Sales Page with Image Slider Header or Image Header Template

I’m happy to see that this guy is still near the top.  I wasn’t sure what would happen with the sales of this template since it is part of the 2 for 1 Sales Bundle.  Last months sales were $147, so it did drop quite a bit but I was a little nervous it might drop to $0…

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Top Seller – Webinar Opt-in with Photo Background Template

Still hanging tough but I’d love to see this template selling $100+ each month.

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Photo Background Template

This is our oldest template of the bunch.  It was the first built and I have to say I’m pretty pumped to see it still in the top 4.

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Conversion King Template

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Video Background Template

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Webinar Opt-in with Video Background Template

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I’m loving double commissions on our new higher price 2 for 1 Sales Bundle template.  Earning an extra $10 makes a big difference!

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