There is nothing more fun than a barrel of monkeys, except for maybe a bundle of templates!  Yes this is our first template bundle launch!  We bundled our Long Sales Page template with our Conversion King template.  We also raised our price on this template to $10, so this should be exciting to see what happens!


We created the 2 for 1 Sales Bundle in our efforts to pursue both financial freedom and a LeadPages marketplace monopoly!  Really we wanted to see if we could break out of the $7 price point rut we’ve been in.  We thought that if we combined two of our $7 templates, and charged $10 instead of $14, that maybe we could get a consistently higher price.  We really do want to provide customers with a ton of value and we think this is a cool way of doing it.  Also, we didn’t see any template bundles in the marketplace.


Combining two templates into one was a bit more time consuming than I anticipated.  I was thinking that since we had two completed templates I could just throw them together into one file.  Well my code recycling ended up biting me in the ass a bit because many of the IDs were identical.  It ended up taking me a couple days to combine the two templates.  Luckily I realized that if I just changed the IDs for the smaller Conversion King template then I could leave the Long Sales Page template IDs alone.  I did have to go through the whole exercise of making sure all the replaceable colors were unique, but I was able to simply increment the colors for just the Conversion King template.  All in all I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!


Below is a preview of our bargain Sales Bundle template as well as a link to buy it from the marketplace.  As I said before, the whole point of building this bundle was to try to get our price point up a bit so we’ve priced this guy at $10.  You can track how well this template is selling by checking out it’s sales reports.