Launching our 4th template in the LeadPages marketplace is making me start to wonder if I’m cheating at this?  Our newest template, the Webinar Opt-in with Video Background is basically identical to the Webinar Opt-in with Photo Background template, except it has a video background.  And since we previously built our Video Background template I was able to pull the video element from that template.  With our newest template customers can add their logo to the page, add a countdown timer, and finally add a custom background video.


While this one is more of a quick way to get a 4th template into the LeadPages marketplace we are very curious to see if it converts better with the video background versus the photo background.  Our thought is that a video background will convert better than a photo background.  We used the same background video we used in the Video Background template.  Again this video is from the awesome website.


There isn’t much to say about building this template other than we’re starting to see our hard work pay off.  I say that because we’re building up a little library of elements that we can drop in new templates.  This template really is a frankenstein of all of our previous templates.  This template took about an hour to make and submit to LeadPages for approval.


Below is a preview of this fancy new Webinar Opt-in with Video Background template as well as a link to buy it from the marketplace.  Not surprisingly we’re pricing this guy at $7.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!  You can track how well this template is selling by checking out it’s sales reports.