We’re cranking out templates!  Hopefully we can keep us this pace.  Today we’re launching our 3rd LeadPages template, the Webinar Opt-in with Photo Background template.  This template is actually very similar to our first two templates and uses many of the same elements.   Customers can change out the background image with one of their own as well as add their logo.  The major new element in this template is the countdown timer.


We’ve studied high converting landing pages and have found that creating a sense of urgency and scarcity can double or even triple conversion rates.  With the countdown timer users can pick a date in the future and the timer will countdown to that date using it as an offer that expires or a countdown to launch.

Initially we built this template for Black Friday.  We had a giant background photo of a turkey and the countdown timer.  We were hoping to capitalize on LeadPages customers having huge holiday sales and needing a countdown to the big day.  The Black Friday theory didn’t work so well.  We ended up changing the template to target Webinar Opt-ins, yet another generic template name but it told customers exactly how to use the template.


The development time for this template took about 8 hours.  Most of my time was spent trying to figure out how to use and style the LeadPages countdown element.  It’s actually super easy to use but I must have been super excited for the upcoming holiday and my brain wasn’t functioning very well.  Again, most of the work for this template had been done in our previous two templates as the overall layout was very similar and we only added a couple new features.

One other thing we added to this template was a better default photo that we thought would help increase conversions.  From our research we’ve found that images that direct the users focus toward actionable buttons or links increase conversions.  The image we found is a beautiful nature landscape of mountains, a lake, and a dock that pulls your eye toward the opt-in button.  We found the image once again on the awesome unsplash website.


Below is a preview of this sweet little Webinar Opt-in with Photo Background template as well as a link to buy it from the LeadPages.net marketplace.  Once again we priced this template at $7.  The pricing seems to be working well for our two other templates so we’re going to stick with it.  As with all of our templates we’ve built, if you’re interested, you can track how well this template is selling by checking out it’s sales reports.