Onward and upward to template launch #2!  Today we are unveiling the Video Background Template!  With this template a customer can easily change out the default background video with one of their own. We used the bones of the Photo Background Template and swapped out the big Photo Background with a big Video Background.  Once again we went with a pretty generic name in hopes that maybe the LeadPages marketplace will someday have search functionality and we could own both the Video and Photo background keywords.


Just like the Photo Background template the inspiration for the Video Background template is even more straight forward.  We didn’t see any templates in the marketplace with a video background so we thought we’d go for it.  As an added bonus having the bones for the template already done made it a no brainer.


To be honest I think I spent an hour building this template since we had done most of the heavy lifting building the Photo Background template.  Of course we’re not going to be so lucky on every template build but this gives us a strong second template in the marketplace.  Pretty much all of the coding changes were in the CSS.  I had to figure out a way to both center the background video as well as make it responsive.  Both of which took some trial and error with the CSS.  I’ve found that if someone held a gun to my head and asked me how to do something like this with CSS there is absolutely no way I could solve it without a computer, a browser, and the browser developer tools.

There is one glaring issue with the Video Background template to which there is absolutely no workaround for, and that is getting the video to load automatically on mobile.  So unfortunately the background video won’t load on an iphone, android, or any other smart phone.  I’m sure there’s a good reason for it but until it changes we’re giving the customer the option to throw in a custom background image for mobile devices.

Beyond these few hiccups the hardest part was finding a background video.  I don’t have any stock videos laying around so I had to find something.  Initially I just searched youtube for free stock videos and set one as the default background video.  I quickly found out though that this was not a good idea because on multiple occasions the video’s owner removed the video so our video background template was without a video background.  But I ended up finding this awesome resource for free high res stock videos here https://videos.pexels.com/.  You can download the entire video and simply upload it to your Youtube account.  Now the only person that can take down my background video is me!


Below is a preview of our awesome new Video Background template as well as a link to buy it from the LeadPages.net marketplace.  Once again we priced the Video Background template at $7.  I’d love to charge more but I think we need to wait a bit before we try messing with the prices.  If you’re interested, you can track how well this template is selling by checking out it’s sales reports.