I am super stoked about the launch of this new landing page template.  I spent many moons slaving over pixels and javascript to craft this beauty.  This landing page is meant primarily for delivering high-converting opt-in campaigns.  This being our 10th template to date we’re starting to get a really good idea of what works and what doesn’t.  The key seems to be simplicity and a very clear call-to-action.  Add in a dash of urgency and you’ve got a high converting landing page.  We took some of the best aspects of our top converting landing pages, merged them together, and then took it too the next level.  This landing page template marks our first major foray into pushing the limits of the LeadPages landing page editor.  We wanted to see how far we could go and in some cases we did max out it’s capabilities.


Really the inspiration for this template comes from a jQuery plugin called flipclock.js.  Flipclock.js is a stunningly beautiful open-source countdown timer.  When I saw it I knew I had to use it and from past landing pages we’ve sold we know that timers sell.  Couple the slick clock with a beautiful photo I saw on unsplash.com and you’ve got a winning combination.


The key to building out these new features was figuring out how to store and pull data from LeadPages.  This is where we ran into that limitation I was talking about.  I actually built out a heat map for capturing user clicks but unfortunately there is currently no way of storing those clicks on LeadPages, or even remotely.  I tried hooking up a cool service called Firebase whereby you can remotely store and pull data, however you can’t make calls to external services from published LeadPage landing pages.

I did however build out a cool little function for saving data on LeadPages servers from the LeadPages editor.  At some point I’m going to put together a series of courses on this because you really can do a lot on the LeadPages landing page editor platform.  But for now, because I was able to simplify this process for myself I was able to really beef up the additional functionality our templates are offering.


I extended our Drag and Drop functionality and refactored it so I could easily drop it in any of our existing or new templates.  Because of the time I invested in simplifying this I was able to add Drag and Drop to 5 of our existing templates, in addition to this new template!


The new clock is beautiful and reminds me of those old travel signs where the little cards flip to show flight times to different destinations.  This was a little tricky because I ran into date/time formatting issues.  I was storing data in one format and trying to pull it back out in another.  Eventually I found the right format to standardize the date/time data and use it for firing up the clock.


This is the piece of functionality I’m most excited about.  I built out an extensive media gallery where users can customize the landing page background with either an image, video, texture, or color.  I included 100 beautiful background images, 50 awesome background textures, 40 bodacious background videos and about 50 colors I hand-picked from a number of professionally curated color palettes.  The reason I’m so excited about this functionality is that it’s totally new to the LeadPages marketplace.  When I launched the Drag and Drop functionality it already existed in the marketplace but this was a brand new feature.  I’m really excited to see if it helps drives sales of this landing page template.


Below is a preview of our awesome new Photo or Video Background with Media Gallery landing page template, as well as a link to buy it from the LeadPages.net marketplace.  We priced it at $10.  I originally had it at $20 but I wasn’t getting any sales.  I’ve had to lower prices in the past to try and drum up business so we’ll see what happens.  If you’re interested, you can track how well this template is selling by checking out it’s sales reports.