The time has come for our first eBook/Digital Product landing page template!  I’m really excited about this landing page for a number of reasons but I think my favorite part is the flexibility of multiple tiered pricing sections.  We have 3 pricing tiers. The first is a single pricing tier for one product, the second is two pricing tiers for two products and finally the third is 3 pricing tiers for 3 products.  Additionally, we have a beautiful testimonial section, a brief author section and an extra spot to offer a sample chapter for your hot new eBook.


The success of this landing page is all derived from my sister.  She was writing, and has since finished, an awesome new eBook on getting more dates on OKCupid.  Please check out her book at and buy a copy if you’re in the market for love!  That’s it, short and sweet, thank you for the inspiration Ali!


The basic bones of this landing page were relatively straightforward.  HTML, CSS, the usual suspects.  However, I thought this would be the perfect landing page template to build out a key piece of functionality I’ve seen start taking over the LeadPages marketplace, Drag and Drop!  I thought it’d be easy to start with this landing page because there won’t be any nested Drag and Drop sections, such as Drag and Drop sections within Drag and Drop sections.  A couple of our other landing page templates need nested Drag and Drop functionality but I feel like it’d be easier to extend the core Drag and Drop functionality after I have it working on one page.

The trickiest part of building the new functionality was storing and pull data from LeadPages.  It’s not actually all that tricky once you figure out how to do it but it was a little tricky for me to figure it out.  I’m not going to go into the details too much here because I’m putting together a course to share how to not only build LeadPages landing page templates but also build additional functionality into LeadPages templates.


Below is a preview of our awesome new eBook/Digital Product landing page template as well as a link to buy it from the marketplace.  We priced the landing page template at $7. If you’re interested, you can track how well this template is selling by checking out it’s sales reports.