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June 1 – 30, 2015

HOLY SMOKES!! This was a monster month!!  We crushed last month’s sales by $275!!  What was the difference?  Well we wrapped up a couple client projects at the beginning of the month and I started working full-time on TemplateLauncher.  I had a lot of housekeeping to take care of with our existing templates so I didn’t get to release as many as I had planned but I got a lot of foundational functionality built.


One of the big features we wanted to launch this month was DRAG and DROP for our templates.  At the beginning of the month we had ZERO templates with Drag and Drop and the entire LeadPages marketplace had 3 Drag and Drop landing page templates.  I hadn’t yet built out any extraneous functionality for our templates before so I had to learn how to store and pull data from LeadPages servers.  Once I figured out how to do it it was pretty easy, but it did take some doing.  After learning how to store and pull data from LeadPages I added the functionality to most of our existing landing page templates and we now have 5 templates with Drag and Drop!!

I also built out several other key pieces of functionality both for use within our templates, as well as for speeding up the development process for building templates.  I built a script that automates a very tedious aspect of integrating with the LeadPages platform, which I estimate cut about 2 hours off my development time and also significantly sped up adding updates to existing templates.  I also integrated a custom Countdown timer into one of our new templates using a badass jquery plugin called flipclock.js.  It’s really awesome and has an extendable API which will come in handy in the future.  Finally, my favorite bit of functionality I built this month was a badass Media Library for one of our new templates!  With the Media Library a LeadPages customer has access to 100 Free Background Images, 50 Free Background textures, 40 Free Background Videos, and a collection of curated colors.


In addition to adding Drag and Drop to 5 templates, automating some of the development process and building out several other key pieces of functionality, I built and launched 3 new templates.  My goal for the month was to launch one new template a week but programming the additional functionality took a little more time than expected.  The three new LeadPages landing page templates I built were the eBook/Digital Product Landing Page with Drag and Drop, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus App Download Page, and (my favorite) the Opt-in Page with Media Library.

I built the eBook template for my sister because she was launching a new guide to dating on OKCupid.  Please check it out and by a copy if you’re in the market for finding love!  You can get a copy at  She was my first Free L(a)unch customers and she loved the template!  You can be a Free L(a)unch customer as well if you check out our services!  I built the iPhone App Download template because I came across some really cool iPhone mockup Photoshop files and decided I wanted to use them right now and there weren’t many iPhone App download templates in the marketplace.  Finally, I built the Opt-In Page with Media Library because I wanted to use that sweet clock and then it all of a sudden turned into this Frankenstein of a project.  I am so excited for the new Media Library functionality.  I think it’s a game changer because it takes out a lot of the work that customers have to do in searching for, or in most cases, buying stock images.  I’m going to be adding this functionality to all of our landing page templates here soon!


WOW! This was a busy month but I think the lessons learned are more valuable than any of the work we got done. The biggest lesson I learned this month was that improving the functionality of existing templates drove MORE revenue than launching NEW templates! CRAZY!! Totally contrary to what my thinking has been all along. I thought revenue increases would come purely from launching tons of new landing page templates. So in the upcoming months we have a lot of template launch ideas in the works but I’m going to be spending a significant amount of time upgrading existing templates. Checkout our sales numbers below and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. $275 more in sales this month but new landing page templates only contributed $63!

Stripe Dashboard

Below is a screenshot from the Stripe dashboard for the dates of May 1 – May 31, 2015 that shows the sales for our biggest month yet!

Top Sales Day – $59

WHOA!! $59 was our high and it was on the second day of the month and only 2 $0 days!  I can feel a $100 day coming soon…

2 for 1 Sales Landing Page Bundle

I think this was the best month for the good old 2 for 1 Template.  Thank you Drag and Drop!

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Long Sales Page with Image Slider Header or Image Header Landing Page

Not to shabby little fella!  Adding Drag and Drop to this template also paid off.  I mean you can’t get another Drag and Drop template in the LeadPages marketplace for $7, oh wait yeah you can from us!

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Top Seller – Webinar Opt-in with Photo Background Landing Page

Yes back above $100!

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Photo Background Landing Page

Solid month for this old lady at $70… she only gets better with age…

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Webinar Opt-in with Video Background Landing Page

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Video Background Landing Page

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iPhone App Download Landing Page

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Conversion King Landing Page

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eBook/Digital Product Landing Page

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Opt-In Landing Page with Media Library

My favorite template and NO SALES on it’s launch day… Sad Face…

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0 Commission

Only 1 lonely new sign-up.  But we did add the LeadPages affiliate program to our template preview pages so we might start seeing some Extra Extra income coming in soon.  The LeadPages affiliate program pays 30% of the monthly subscription fee for the LIFE of the customer!   Join LeadPages below so we can get a commission and then tell you how much money we made off you in our next income report!

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