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July 1 – 31, 2015

MAUIE WOWIE!! This months sales were monstrous!  $2,883 for July!  Up $2,155 from last months high of $728!  We came within $17 of the bottom of our monthly income goal of $3k-$5k. However, I must admit that this number is a little misleading…  The bulk of this months sales came from services rendered, not from passive income from landing page template sales.  We sold 4 PAID Landing Page Template launches this month at $500 each totaling $2k and an additional 107 templates for a total of $883 in “passive” income.

I’m actually very excited about our services sold this month because I would love to grow this side of the business.  We’ve built out a ton of tools to help streamline the template development process and I’d love to get to the point of selling 1 PAID launch everyday in addition to generating passive income from template sales in the LeadPages marketplace.


I am absolutely blown away by this months services rendered revenue!  I had no expectations of these sales coming in so this was quite a pleasant surprise.  When building and launching our landing page templates in the LeadPages marketplace we try to promote by linking to it from each template and adding the TemplateLauncher logo to image placeholders in the template, as well as in the TemplateLauncher Control Panel.  In addition to these links we tweaked our LeadPages author bio to talk more about our PAID and FREE Launch services.  We’re trying to harness the massive amount of traffic LeadPages gets and turn that traffic into sales.

Here are links to 3 of the 4 PAID Landing Page templates we built this month:

  1. Real Estate Listing
  2. Mobile App Landing Page Template
  3. Mobile App Landing Page Template 2

In addition to selling 4 PAID Launch services we built one FREE L(a)unch template:

  1. Parallax Sales Page Template
  2. Web App Mini Site Landing Page Template

In case you were wondering what the difference between the FREE and PAID launch services is, with the PAID services the client owns the template outright and can then sell it in the LeadPages marketplace or do whatever they want with it.  For the FREE launch services we maintain ownership of the template and sell it in the LeadPages marketplace.   To give you an idea of what this translates into sales-wise, we generated $500 from each of the 4 PAID templates we built.  For the one FREE landing page template we built we generated $156 in revenue for the month.

In the long run I’m confident we’ll make more than $500 off the FREE templates we build.  Additionally, every FREE landing page we’ve built actually sells really well.  They generally sell better than the landing page templates we create without customer input.  It seems to me that what customers ask for serves as a pretty good barometer of the market at large.  In the upcoming months we’re really going to push both our FREE and PAID service offerings.  We may even start testing out some paid advertising on Facebook and Google to try and generate more service sales.


Last month we launched a bunch of new features for our LeadPages Landing Page templates, from a beautiful custom countdown clock to a Media Library stocked full of background images, videos, and textures.  This month we only launched one major client facing piece of functionality, Parallax scrolling.  We actually baked it into the FREE Launch template, check it out:

Parallax Sales Page Landing Page Template

We managed to find a really simple way of adding Parallax scrolling without using any Javascript or animation plugins. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say it was a fun little hack to work on!

In addition to building Parallax scrolling we built a TON of internal tools for speeding up the Landing Page Development process.  When we first started building landing pages templates for the LeadPages marketplace it took about a week to code up the template in HTML, style it with CSS, and add the LeadPages integration points.  Our maximum template output per month was obviously then 4 templates per month.  This month in addition to building out the internal tools and parallax scrolling we built 4 PAID Launch templates, 2 FREE L(a)unch template, and 2 of our own templates for a total of 8 templates.

So our template development speed is about double what it was initially but this isn’t completely accurate because I spent 50% of my time this month building our internal tools.  Just last Friday I finished building out a pretty awesome little tool that will give us the ability to build 1 template a day.  Ultimately, I’d love to be launching 30 landing page templates a month but we also don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity.  We have a few bottlenecks that we’re going to be experimenting with in the upcoming month. I’m not going to go into the details of what these tools do and what these bottlenecks are quite yet, but in the next 3 or 4 months we might have some really cool tools to share with you 😉


As I said we launched 8 new templates this month.  We launched 4 PAID Launch templates, 2 FREE L(a)unch template, and 2 internal templates.  Below is a link to each of the templates we launched.  Our 2 internally launched templates focus on mobile app landing pages.  There isn’t a large presence of mobile app landing page templates and we’ve had a little success with our one other mobile app landing page.  Coincidentally two of our PAID launch templates were also mobile app landing pages.

In the upcoming months we’re really going to focus on going deep into categories and building out a number of landing pages for that category.  We have 3 mobile app landing pages in the marketplace but I’d like to up that to 10 to start.  Our next major category we’re going to attack is real estate.  I love real estate and I’ve been dying to dive into this category, I just have been avoiding it because I know once I get into it I may ignore other categories.  LeadPages seems to have a fairly large contingent of Real Estate marketing customers.

Templates Launched:

  1. FREE L(a)unch: Parallax Sales Page Landing Page Template
  2. PAID Launch: Parallax Mobile App Mini-site
  3. PAID Launch: Parallax Mobile App Sales Landing Page Template
  4. PAID Launch: Real Estate Landing Page Template
  5. Internal Launch: Mobile App Landing Page Template
  6. Internal Launch: Mobile App Landing Page Template 2
  8. FREE L(a)unch: Web App Mini-site


PAID Launch services RULE!! I was working one of our FREE Launch templates when I saw this come into my inbox:


It was a pretty amazing feeling.  I was like, “what the hell, why are there so many zeroes on there?!”

Stripe Dashboard

Below is a screenshot from the Stripe dashboard for the dates of July 1 – July 31, 2015 that shows the sales for our biggest month yet!  Cha-ching!

Top Sales Day – $64

Slightly above our previous day high of $59 clocking in at $64!  I’m not going to count the $500 days because that’s just not fair and it doesn’t give us an accurate picture of what our passive income sales are doing.

KING OF THE LANDING PAGES – Parallax Sales Page Landing Page

So pumped that our FREE L(a)unch template this month killed it!

Total Sales


Templates Sold


2 for 1 Sales Landing Page Bundle

Another solid month for the 2 for 1.  Thank you sir may I have another!

Total Sales


Templates Sold


Photo Background Landing Page

Last month I said she only gets better with age, but she just keeps getting better! Up $42 from last month!  And she’s the oldest of the bunch!

Total Sales


Templates Sold


Opt-In Landing Page with Media Library

Still one of my faves and finally notched a few sales this month.

Total Sales


Templates Sold


Long Sales Page with Image Slider Header or Image Header Landing Page

This was another FREE L(a)unch template and it’s definitely earning back it’s investment.

Total Sales


Templates Sold


Webinar Opt-in with Video Background Landing Page

Total Sales


Templates Sold


Webinar Opt-in with Photo Background Landing Page

Weak sales for this guy this month… Though LeadPages removed some categories from this template and it totally killed our sales…

Total Sales


Templates Sold


Video Background Landing Page

Total Sales


Templates Sold


iPhone App Download Landing Page

Total Sales


Templates Sold


Conversion King Landing Page

Total Sales


Templates Sold


Parallax Mobile App Mini-site Landing Page

This was a new one this month, not great sales but it’s nice to have another template at the $10 price point.

Total Sales


Templates Sold


Parallax Mobile App Landing Page

This was a newbie.  Not many sales for our mobile app landing pages overall but I think in the long run they’ll put up some solid numbers.

Total Sales


Templates Sold


eBook/Digital Product Landing Page

Total Sales


Templates Sold

3 Commission

Another single double commission this month.  Pretty please  join LeadPages below so we can get a commission and then tell you how much money we made off you in our next income report! :)

Total Commissions


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  • David Bennett

    Well done and inspiring! It’s a great value you guys provide!

    • Lee Shadle

      Thanks David!! We were completely blown away by last months numbers! Do you use LeadPages for your business?

      • David Bennett

        Hey @leeshadle:disqus , it’s been awhile… 🙂

        Yes I do use LeadPages and that’s how I found out about TemplateLauncher.

        In fact I’m about to go shopping for a template right now on LeadPages and wanted to see if you had made any updates to the Photo Template.

        I’ll find out in a bit…