May 2015 – $453

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Two months in a row of new template releases! And it seems to be paying off. While our sales were slightly down last month this month, we had our highest sales month yet at $453! We didn’t actually build a completely new template but instead combined two of our templates into a Sales Page Bundle…

Landing Page Launch #7 – Sales Template Bundle

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There is nothing more fun than a barrel of monkeys, except for maybe a bundle of templates! Yes this is our first template bundle launch! We bundled our Long Sales Page template with our Conversion King template. We also raised our price on this template to $10, so this should be exciting to see what happens!

April 2015 – $364

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Our first decrease in sales, cry face… Well it was bound to happen sooner or later so I guess sooner it is. Our sales were down $64 this month to $364 from last months all time high of $420. I guess our templates flew too close to the sun…

March 2015 – $420

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I finally got off my ass and built another template! Although I must admit that it was motivated by a LeadPages customer. We had a customer reach out to us via the comment section of one of our templates asking for some functionality to be added to the template…

Landing Page Launch #6 – Long Sales Page

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An ode to the Long Sales Page, “O Long Sales Page, Long Sales Page, wherefore art though Long Sales Page?” Yes we’ve all seen a long sales page from time to time and I have to admit they can be quite persuasive. I’ve spent a nickel or two on products bought from long sales pages. Why does that happen?

February 2015 – $385

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It must be a full moon because the tide is rising! And by the tide I mean our passive income! Up $70 from last month to $385. Once again we did no new work this month. I’m definitely disappointed that I haven’t done any new work because I think we could be doubling this number if we had more templates in the marketplace…

January 2015 – $315

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Welcome to 2015! With 2015 brings template riches! Well not quite but our sales bumped up $28 over last month. The kicker is we once again didn’t build any new templates this month! We actually didn’t do anything this month so it’s pretty awesome to see that we made anything…

December 2014 – $287

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Hot damn! Our sales for this month more than doubled! Granted we didn’t launch our templates last month until the middle of November, but I’m still pretty pumped with this months results. The other interesting thing to note about December’s sales number is that we didn’t build any new templates this month…

November 2014 – $115

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Oh boy, oh boy am I excited! It’s time to issue our first income report! What’s so exciting to me is that there is actually income to report! Granted it’s not much, but it’s completely passive income. I wake up and find $7 in my inbox, pretty freaking cool…

Landing Page Launch #5 – Conversion King

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I must be butter because I’m a roll! Template #5 is launching today and it’s our 5th this week! If I keep this pace up we’ll have 100 templates in the marketplace by the end of the day! We’re going to mix up our naming strategy a little bit this time around and try naming our template. Say hello to the Conversion King…