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April 1 – April 30, 2015

Our first decrease in sales, cry face…  Well it was bound to happen sooner or later so I guess sooner it is.  Our sales were down $64 this month to $364 from last months all time high of $420.  I guess our templates flew too close to the sun.  We also had our first month where one of our templates didn’t sell any copies, which isn’t a good thing.  The Webinar Opt-in with Video Background had a big goose egg.

We didn’t launch any new templates this month and our newest template was also our top seller.  Though the Webinar Opt-in with Photo Background template isn’t far behind.  It’s definitely looking like our older templates are kind of dropping out a bit.  We’ll have to keep an eye on this.  I was afraid this might happen.  It definitely seems like newer templates sell better than older ones, unless they are one of the top converting templates in a category like the Webinar Opt-in with Photo Background is.

Which brings up something else interesting that happened this month.  We were approached by to see if we’d sell them our Webinar Opt-in with Photo Background template for $500.  Pretty sweet!  We decided to hold off because we’re thinking we might try bundling this top converting template with another one to try and drive sales.  It’s also a good marketing piece to have a top converting template in the marketplace.

So we definitely learned a lot this month and I think that we’re going to need to release new templates at a fairly decent clip to keep the sales climbing.  I’m very concerned that our older templates seem to be running out of steam.  My guess is that LeadPages customers must mainly be looking at the newest template releases.  Hopefully they’ll do something to surface older templates because it’s really out of our control at this point.

Stripe Dashboard

Below is a screenshot from the Stripe dashboard for the dates of April 1 – April 30, 2015 that shows our first decrease in sales month-to-month :(

Top Sales Day – $42

Still stuck at that $42 mark!  But once again we had two of them so I can’t complain!

Top Seller – Long Sales Page with Image Slider Header or Image Header Template

Two consecutive months at the top of the template thrown.  Pretty pumped with how this puppy is selling.

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Webinar Opt-in with Photo Background Template

Her reign may have ended for the time being, but we’re not going to take this template out to pasture yet!

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Photo Background Template

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Video Background Template

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Conversion King Template

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Webinar Opt-in with Video Background Template

No sales this month, get to work dammit!

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