About Us

Hi there and welcome to TemplateLauncher.com.  Thanks for coming to visit!  Our names are Ben, Ali, and Lee Shadle (that’s Ben on the left, Lee in the middle, and Ali on the right in the picture above).  We’re siblings and programmers that specialize in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, WordPress, and Design.  Ben does the backend server-side development and Lee and Ali take care of the front-end design and development.

Over the past 5 years we’ve run a boutique development firm building websites and web apps for companies of all shapes and sizes.  Throughout that time we discovered an awesome piece of software that we’ve used for growing our business, LeadPages.net.

We built TemplateLauncher.com to not only showcase our LeadPages.net templates we’ve built but also as an experiment.  We wanted to see if we could build a sustainable business with a relatively passive income stream.  We decided to focus our business on building new templates to sell in the marketplace as well as for LeadPages.net customers.  On our blog we’ll share our experiences and progress.